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With a dream of having horses and a drive to create something unique, Huntsmen & Hounds was created.

Hi! My name is Michele Rozo, and I'm the owner and creator of Huntsmen & Hounds. My pronouns are she/her. I reside in Chumash territory in Ventura, California with my surfer carpenter husband, 3 cats and a horse name G.

I’ve been creating most of my life if not all of it. As a little girl I'd play market and make goods out of paper and fabric. I'd sell them to the neighbors - they were always so kind to buy them. I’ve always have had the desire to find unique things. To be a little different. To be one of a kind. I love the hunt of finding something different. I’ve always been drawn to animals from day 1. Always comfortable with them. Always wanted to be with them.  At the age of 12 I received my first horse. She was a brave ex-sheriff posse horse. I rode bareback every were with that horse. She was so brave.

I was given an English saddle to try since I was always riding bareback. That was when jumping was discovered. From there it all started. I went to a local barn and took a lesson. That lesson turned into a new horse that new horse turned into a show barn with a show horse and it never stopped from there. I was hooked. I was raised for the love of nature, art and animals. My mom loved everything nature, art and animals. My father loved competitive cycling, history and Europe. Between the two there was so much exposure to it all. My mother was from Germany and we would spend many summers there. Weekend hikes and horse riding in the fields, while exploring museums, food and local culture. Lots of great memories that have shaped the person I am today.

As a young adult college started and horses went on pause for a bit (quite a bit).
Once the riding  stopped the creative career started. It took me a little time to find my direction after horses. I wasn't into general ed in college but loved to take creative classes. I got a part time job in a small art department as a gofer, running to suppliers and art stores. I would help out from time to time and realized I had the talent for graphic design. From there I chose to pursue a path in that field. I worked on various projects, from package design to branding. I found designing and making products that were wasteful was not my way. I choose to look for a way to use my skills in a way that resonated with my love for the Earth, nature and animals. That was when I landed a job working with an amazing company that is in business to save the planet.

I’ve worked within marketing, to product, to visual design. They have shown me how it’s so important to care about our environmental impact when creating a product and in life. Every part of your business should be looked at. From in the office to product packaging going out the door. To look for solutions that can create the least about of harm and to do business to save the earth. This is just who I am to the core. I do my best to live this example. I try everyday to incorporate this in to my daily life. From the food I eat to the clothes I wear.
17 years laters, I have had some great opportunities that have lead me on the path to H&H. Showing me the value to reduce, reuse and recycle - or even better, to upcycle.

 Welcome to the beginning of a new journey. Hope you enjoy the ride. Heels down, eyes up, and have a good ride - in life and in the saddle.